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Backed by the UK’s largest ground screw company, The Ground Screw Shop is your one stop shop for high quality self-installation ground screws. No need for skips, mess, or back-breaking groundwork. Our experts are always on hand to assist from conception to completion. Our customer service is impossible to beat – it’s why we’re the UK’s No1.

Ground Screws

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Quality ground screws available in different sizes with various attachments to allow for an easy install.

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Ground Screw Uses

Our ground screws are an ideal foundation solution for a huge range of DIY projects.

Why Use Our Ground Screws?

Installation is fast, easy, clean and provides strong, sturdy foundations for your project. We have friendly, knowledgeable experts on hand to assist you every step of the way. Our self-installation range is made of high quality steel galvanised to DIN ISO 1461 & our manufacturing facility conforms to ISO9001:2015 and GB/T19001-2016 Quality Management standards. Our environmentally friendly products not only save the planet but also save you money compared to conventional concrete foundations and being part of the UK’s largest ground screw company, you are guaranteed complete peace of mind.

Do It Yourself

For the budding DIY enthusiast or contractor, ground screws offer an easy foundation solution for a range of garden projects. Don’t want to do it yourself? – No problem, our professional installation teams cover the length and breadth of the UK.

Fast Installation

Typically, each screw can be installed in under 5 minutes.

No Damage

Unlike traditional foundations, there’s no mess, no spoil, no digging or damage to your garden.

Low Cost

Compared to a traditional concrete pad foundations, our DIY ground screw solution typically saves 70% of the overall cost.

Eco Friendly

Embedded carbon emissions are significantly reduced using ground screws compared against concrete pad foundations. They can also be removed, re-used and recycled.

Weather Resistant

Designed to withstand the global climate, our ground screws offer a long lasting, strong, stable foundation solution. They can be installed all year round in all weather conditions.

The Ground Screw Shop

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